about agentdebby

Lived in the Cayman Islands for 20+ years …Now love living in Atlanta… food/wine/friends/fam. and sell some Real Estate. LOVE Keller Williams and my Clients. LOVE my Episcopal church.
www.CrawfordGroupAtlanta.com   OR www.agentdebby.wordpress.com

Here is the long version… Graduated from University of  Tampa with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting.  Never worked in public accounting. Closest I came was a Sr. Trust Officer. As it says above I lived in The Cayman Islands for 20 years. It was VERY different when I first moved there and very different now that I have made Atlanta home for nearly 10 years. I loved that sleepy, laid back and crime less island. I had many successes during those 20 years and made many lifelong friends. In the early years we had no TV and only radio part of the day and news courtesy of The BBC world news. Fresh fish, sun, sea and community were the mainstays of daily life. It was so funny to drive to my office and have to stop in the road for cows or a family of chicks. To arrive at one of the most successful offshore banks and law firms, in the world’s fifth largest Financial Center.

In Cayman my Real Estate Company’s very first listing was for 100MILLION dollars of condos and patio homes at the Hyatt Brittania in a company that I owned and managed and later sold.

I loved my life then and I love living in Atlanta more… this is where the eyebrows are raised and people go WHAT??? yeah I love Atlanta and Atlanta Real Estate and City life are passi ons. I am a gourmet cook. I love cooking, fine dining and entertaining. Family .. friends, good wine, chilly weather and a nice meal!  So, you give up something.. if Atlanta had an ocean or real beach our population would equal some Asian nations.

After moving to Atlanta and completing Real Estate school I was hired to start a New Homes Division in a major RE Franchise  with 14 offices here in Atlanta, they chickened out and shut it down a few months after 9/11… so off I went for more RE training and I met someone that introduced me to Morris and Raper who at that time were thriving maybe #1 in New Home sales. After numerous moves from 1 property to the next, I found my own Builder business. I enjoyed much success until the crash of builder world and chose another path in 2006.

If you get to know me you will know I am passionate about life and how I live it. I am a touchy feely person… but I am a numbers person. I attribute much of my success to the fact that I was a business person first, and I get the numbers. My clients know that they are important to me and helping them is my lifes work.

In 2006 I made the decision to transition to Resales and then became Certified for distressed properties. So, in addition to my busy and thriving Resale business, I am now helping people that need to avoid foreclosure.

I love Atlanta and helping people make good Real Estate choices.

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