City of Decatur Schools and Property Taxes

The School Board for City of Decatur Schools has voted to increase the budget. This vote came after 3 meetings. The current budget for 2011 is just over 37M and will be increased in 2012 to just shy of 42M… This translates as an increase in property taxes of $100 on a home for $200K and $125 increase on homes valued at $250K.

The level of education provided in City of Decatur Schools is excellent, for most of my clients those schools were a major factor in their decision to move to Decatur. A portion of the budget increase is to raise salariesand cover rising costs of benefits. Keeping staff and teachers is ctritical to the quality of education schools are able to provide.

The neighborhoods that are least affected by the crash of the housing markets are those that have excellent schools. This is a huge stabilizing factor for our neighborhoods. When the elementary school is sketchy people without children move there and when they find themselves expecting a child or a child gets ready for kindergarten they are faced with tough decisions.

So my point is that a small increase in millage to keep those schools amongst the best seems like a small price!

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~ by agentdebby on July 15, 2011.

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